//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-10

  • Do you say "two thousand ten" or "Twenty ten" #
  • in case you wondered Guitar Hero Metallica is MUUUUUCH harder than other guitar hero's. My hand still hurts this morning. #
  • CRAP I forgot I wasn't going to drink caffeine and got a Mt Dew for lunch. #
  • Two days in a row the wife and I are up early and reading and praying together, I hope it lasts #
  • I have been up since 2:15. I want COFFEE!!!!!!!!! #
  • Who is John Galt? #
  • @BrandonMouser That is smokin,my work laptop takes 10-15. in reply to BrandonMouser #
  • I had to break down and have a Dew after my day yesterday. I will quit caffeine again as soon as i am done, last ones really are the best. #
  • @stevenbennett2 in reply to stevenbennett2 #
  • @stevenbennett2 I have hopes for the Nexus one, but BOL said it wasn't worth the hype already. in reply to stevenbennett2 #
  • My Pastor @nicknye interviewed for @theResurgence on loving your city. #
  • Shhhhhh I am playing hide and seek with the girls #
  • Does anyone local to columbus have a SATA drive to USB tool? I am trying to save data for a neighbor. #
  • #FF Follow my wife on her photography journey — @clickinheather #
  • Today is a old school speed metal kind of day…Metallica and Anthrax #

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