//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-17

  • Finally beat a game from 1990 last night, now should I even start the sequel? It may take till I am 50 to beat it. #
  • A week down reading through the Bible chronologically with my wife and we are still on point, join us? #
  • @BrandonMouser I would take your money on that. @PastorMark could totally beat @bearGrylls in any fight. in reply to BrandonMouser #
  • Sweet we are supposed to get UP to freezing tomorrow, bring on the heat wave. #
  • RT @pastorjdgreear Saying “Preach the gospel; if necessary use words” is like saying “Tell me your phone number; if necessary use digits.” #
  • If you aren't paying for it directly you don't care about the cost, and hence purchase more increasing demand and price #
  • @stevenbennett2 Have you listened to Memories of the Future Podcast? It is WIl Weaton talking through STNG epesodes and being hilarious. #
  • @wilw I haven't laughed so hard at a podcast since I found Memories of a future podcast. Thank you sir. in reply to wilw #
  • RT @joe_byler: Only 80 registration spots left for the ACT LIKE MEN conference on Feb 6th! Register today! #
  • @WeareTHATfamily My wife supports me and encourages me in all of my endevors. in reply to WeareTHATfamily #
  • Pres and congress paying off unions with our money. How is this for change? What about the 4th admendment? #

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