//Godfidence Tweets 2010-01-31

  • How to they make your phone die just before your conract is up? #
  • "People will never know what's in that bill until we pass it" David Axelrod on HC bill, How is that for trasnparency? #
  • Just listened to my oldest pray for Jesus to help her attitude on the monitor. It was sweet and touching. #
  • @nicknye Would love to come but our group is going on a quick service project. in reply to nicknye #
  • @dsackr Outliers reasons as to why Asians are better at math were really interesting. I hope I can apply some of it to educating my girls. in reply to dsackr #
  • RT @stevekmccoy: The 2nd hottest selling #iPad accessory will be –> windshield suction cup mount. #
  • Make sure ur child knows u discipline them b/c u luv them. U're not trying 2 make them in2 sum1 u'll find loveable. #
  • RT @stevekmccoy: See Previous Tweet #
  • @dsackr most ppl who are going to watch that coverage already have cable, without the games hulu NFL coverage isn't worth it IMAO. in reply to dsackr #
  • RT Associated press article on our battle with cancer…pray it moves people toward the gospel (via @MattChandler74) #
  • @nicknye Alora agrees "It is pretty awesome" in reply to nicknye #

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