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You Actually Have to Pray

I would say “Maybe it is just me” but after years spent working with men in churches I know I am not the only one who feels this way.  You know the feeling;  Everyone is getting together to pray and you are thinking, “I hope this doesn’t last long so we can actually get out and do something useful.”  No?  Just me?  Riiiiight.

Prayer is something that to many people, particularly men, seems impractical, I would almost be as honest as to say a waste of time.  I am not saying that it is a waste of time , of course, but I often have to fight to keep myself from thinking that way.  It is a sign of my sinful arrogance and self reliance.  Why should I bother God when I can take care of part of it or all of it myself.  Perhaps I am not thinking big enough or perhaps I think to highly of myself.

You Actually Have to Pray | TheResurgence.

I love the quote in this section from Martin Luther “I have so much to do that I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.”  I don’t act on it but I think it is sound.  I have found that if I am to pray I must do it first, if I do not do it first thing I will not do it at all.  I always have time for the things I put first, it is just unfortunate that I do not always look at prayer as something that actually needs to go first.  I usually look at it as a formality but not as

Prayer is the Priority | The Resurgence

There is a rumour amongst charismatic Christians that praying is only really worthwhile if the Holy Spirit leads you to pray (and by this they mean that you already feel like praying). Jesus was much more straightforward: he told the disciples that the spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak (Matt. 26:41).

As a recovering Charismatic this really resonates with me.  Prayer has always been one of the places I have struggled in my walk because I assumed, much like the quote says, that it will be a leading of the Spirit that will make it easier.  But is appears more and more that it is only through actually doing that things become easier.  It isn’t helped that in most of the Charismatic circles I have run in no one ever admits their faults.  So, while they tell the stories of getting up to pray every morning at 4:00am they don’t tell you how much they hated it.  This year my wife and I have been rising early to read out Bible and pray as a couple and it has become easier but I am still not satisfied.

Prayer is Rigorous | the Resurgence

Godfidence Theology Through The Bible

Leviticus strikes again…

Warning: this article is more for me than public consumption.  I want to come back to study this point but don’t have time at the moment.

Leviticus gets a bad wrap as far I am I concerned.  Sure, it is one of the few books full of do’s and don’ts but it also shows just the depth of depravity humans will stoop to.  It is a kind of snapshot of the troubles with all humanity.  After all there were and still are in some occasions,really people looking to do the things God forbid.

But one passage I really struggled with was the passage of the death of Nadab and Abihu.  They were the sons of Aaron who offered up unauthorized or strange fire before the Lord.   As a result of not following God’s prescription for his own worship they were struck down instantly.

This passage is a major proof text for those who believe in what is called the Regulatory Principle.  If you aren’t familiar with the Regulatory Principle of Worship it is summerized in the idea that the Bible tell us explicitly how we are to worship God and implicitly excludes everything else.  So if the Bible doesn’t say it we can’t do it.  Taken to the extreme this would mean we can sing only the psalms, and can not sing the name of Jesus.

I really don’t know much past that and while I don’t believe it is a sin to sing the name of my savior I do wonder if there is still a particular way in which God desires to be worshiped?  I always seem to be writing in a hurry and I wish I had more time to study these types of things out.


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  • State of the church address @veritacolumbus #
  • Anyone else feel like weekends are getting shorter and shorter? #
  • Hey my wife is out of town this weekend anyone want do something so I don't go stir crazy with the kids? #
  • What does it mean to celebrate Mardi Gras or Lent? #
  • Just finished sledding with Alora. It was a blast #
  • A man may easier see without eyes and speak without a tongue, than mortify a sin without the Spirit -John Owen #
  • Hmmm, we have church from 5-7. Heather will be just getting back in town so don't expect anything special. 🙂 #
  • That last one was meant to be a direct message, oops #
  • dont' tell me you can help me faster if I put in my account number, the fist thing you do is ask me give it to you when I get on the phone. #
  • Watching my daughter play wii reminds me of my mom playing my c-64, she was ahead of her time acting like the joystick had motion tech. 🙂 #
  • Cant wait to listen to Stephen King "On Writing". #
  • Do you know what ash Wednesday and lent is about? Here is my primer. #
  • Ahhh the girls are finally down #
  • Someone explain to me why no matter how late I keep them up they still get up at 6:30!?!?!?!? #
  • I need to change my mind from surviving my weekend with the girls to making a memory with the girls. #
  • My wife and her friends declared me an honorary mom for in my crazy day of taking care of the girls I forgot to shower, is swimming enough? #
  • Seriously if you are a fast food place in the north every location should have an indoor play ground. Every parents wants out!!!!! #

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Through The Bible

Don’t Stop Reading in Exodus :: Desiring God

Don’t Stop Reading in Exodus :: Desiring God.

This is  a great reminder of why we should read the Old Testement and not just skip forward to the new.

It can really get hard this time of year in Bible reading, the emotion is gone no longer pushing you forward, the cool stories are past leaving you with the law but to fully understand Jesus coming you need to know the OT.

Christianity Family Life Godfidence Theology

Ash Wednesday and Lent

Everyone has heard of Mardi Gras but how many of us know that it is connected to Lent and the Christian Tradition?  I best most people don’t make the connection.

You know spending most of my walk with the Lord in modern Evagelical churches I was never really taught much about older traditions in the Church.  Having gone to a Lutheran church when I was first saved I have at least heard some of the titles.

Today is Ash Wednesday, it marks the beginning of Lent.  Lent is a traditional time of preparation, via repentance, prayer, alms giving and self-denial, for the Holy Week and celebration or Easter or Resurrection Sunday.  Mardi Gras literally “Fat Tuesday” was the last chance to eat the rich fatty foods before a period of fasting.  A sort of “Smoke ’em if you got ’em” kind of day.

Most people think of Lent as the 40 days before Easter but many denominations count these times differently. (See this article for more information)  No matter the duration you observe the purpose should be the same.

No matter which way you choose to observe the season it is a wonderful experience.   The years when I have taken is seriously it has been an enriching time of growth.   Take some prayerful time to consider what God would have you to do to observe Lent and prepare for the Holiest of day in the Christian year.

There are traditionally three types of Justice to be observed in the Lenten Season: Justice to God, yourself, and others.

(God)Dedicate more time to prayer by giving up: TV, Video Games, sleep or something else that takes up your time.

(Self)What can you do?  Many people give up a certain type of food: meat, red meat, caffeine, candy and sweets.

(Others)Dedicate the money you save in doing these thing to give away to others, your local church, homeless shelter or other ministry.

Through The Bible

Oh Good, Leviticus

I have to tell you if I am going to crap out on my way through the Bible reading this is where it starts.  Exodus wraps up the narrative out of Egypt and begins some of the books of the law.  It makes me very thankful that are no longer under the law because of Christ.  It also increases my greatfulness for the grace of God because I see how seriously God takes sin.

There was a lot of blood that had to be shed to cover over the sins of the people of Israel.  Far to often we, as Christians, we stop thinking of our own sinfulness.  Maybe once we get the “Big” sins out of the way(You know the ones others can see) we assume we are fine.  But the Christian life is to be one of constant repentance.  I think we don’t repent because we don’t understand the severity of our sin.

As I read through the Law, I want to understand how serious God is about sin.


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  • New Article Today:: The Lord Hardended Pharoah's Heart #
  • The moaning about the Tebow ad "glorifying violence against women" cheapens REAL discussion about such violence. Who's hurting women now? #
  • RT @RaeWhitlock: The moaning about the Tebow ad "glorifying violence against women" cheapens REAL discussion about such violence. #
  • New Article Today:: Repenting to my kids #
  • What do they put in ritz so I can't stop eating them. The buttery goodness is soooo adictive. #
  • RT @BrandonMouser: Nirvana is as old today as the Beatles were when Nevermind came out. /via @patrickrhone // are we really THAT old? #
  • RT @mwilso3p: @sprint Is Sprint getting the Google Nexus One? — Or should we all get ready to go to @verizon. #
  • "A perfect man does nothing out of a sense of duty" Great stuff from John Piper. I am still absorbing it #
  • Stop Google Buzz From Showing the World Your #privacy #googlebuzz #
  • Audio from #actlikemen10 has been POSTED – #a29 #
  • Heading to have my picture taken with Doutzen Kroes. Today my job is kinda cool #
  • She is really much taller than I thought,very pleasent. Working for Victoria's Secret has its perks #
  • Anyone have an old sprint phone they want to give/sell me? I need to make it to the end of my contract. #
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Repenting to my kids

There is nothing more humbling than having to repent to your two and four year old.

Not twenty four hours after I spent the day at a Conference dedicated to helping Men be more Godly I snapped at both of my little girls and my wife in major way.  I will be completely honest and let you know I have a temper.  It usually takes a lot to push me to the point where I snap but when I do it is embarrassing.

Sunday afternoon I snapped and startled both of my little girls.  They were crying and I was mortified.  I went downstairs and took them in my arms as I asked them to forgive me.  I explained, more to my oldest, that I had sinned in my anger and I was wrong.  She answered the way she always does, “It is OK daddy, I forgive you” I then asked her to pray for me that God would help me to control my temper.

I hope in this way my daughters can see that I am a sinful imperfect human being saved by the grace of God just as they are.  I hope to model repentance to them but maybe not about the same things all the time.



The Lord Hardended Pharoah’s Heart

This year I am blogging as I read through the Bible in chronological order this year.  This is my latest step.

We are still trucking through the Bible, and every time I read this I struggle a little.  But I suppose I am struggling less and less with it now.
I was always taught that God will not violate the free will of man.  That is the reason for why “This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, 4 who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” and yet we all know that not all will.  It is simply because God allows our will to trump his own, or according to some that God can not violate our will.

But on nine separate occasions (Ex 4:21, 7:3, 9:12, 10:1, 10:20, 10:27, 11:10,14:4,18:8) the Lord says he will or did harden the heart of Pharoah.  This shows God’s sovereignty in all events.  But it seems to throw a monkey wrench into the idea that God can’t or won’t counter man’s free will.

Of course this is all part of the larger question of God’s sovereignty in our world.  But how do you think about these passages?

Sorry this is so short I am a little short on time because of the Act Like Conference this weekend.