Oh Good, Leviticus

I have to tell you if I am going to crap out on my way through the Bible reading this is where it starts.  Exodus wraps up the narrative out of Egypt and begins some of the books of the law.  It makes me very thankful that are no longer under the law because of Christ.  It also increases my greatfulness for the grace of God because I see how seriously God takes sin.

There was a lot of blood that had to be shed to cover over the sins of the people of Israel.  Far to often we, as Christians, we stop thinking of our own sinfulness.  Maybe once we get the “Big” sins out of the way(You know the ones others can see) we assume we are fine.  But the Christian life is to be one of constant repentance.  I think we don’t repent because we don’t understand the severity of our sin.

As I read through the Law, I want to understand how serious God is about sin.

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  1. I read/listened through Leviticus with the audio Bible called The Bible Experience. It made Leviticus MUCH easier to get through because there were different voices PLUS sounds in the background including music, animals making their animal sounds, and all sorts of other things. If you’re going through Leviticus, I HIGHLY recommend giving that way a try. It makes it much more tolerable and even interesting. 😉

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