//Godfidence Tweets 2010-02-07

  • Hey PETA leave Phil alone, he is the fattest happiest ground hog there is. I wish I only had to work once a year. #
  • I want an android phone, Do I stay with sprint and get the Hero or wait for the nexus one to hit verizon and swtich providers? #
  • @joe_byler It is all good, as long as they aren't screaming. in reply to joe_byler #
  • AP article on Matt Chandler's Brain Cancer. This man is one of my new heroes. #
  • Wow it is rare that I read an article so well balanced on such a hot button issue. Tim Tebows's SB ad, please read — #
  • Free this month Mark Driscoll’s audio book for Religion Saves audio book a great read — #
  • Finally got my new work laptop!! I love new toys. #
  • I rather 1000 guily men go free than one innocent man go to jail.Why I really don't support the death penalty #
  • RT @nicknye: One more day till #actlikemen10! Account for snow- you won't want to skip out! — Totally pumped. #
  • If anyone is interested I will be live tweeting and maybe live blogging @actlikemen tomorrow. #
  • Interesting conversation on the sovereignty of God at my blog #
  • Win an iPad to use w/ free @Logos Bible Software app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Details: #
  • Setting up for @actlikemen the roads are slick so be careful #
  • I am live, blogging and tweeting @actlikemen from @veritascolumbus #
  • IF you can't be at act like men check out the live feed Daniel Montgomery from Sojourn is up #
  • The sinful tendency of men is to sit back and shirk responsibility but we are called to be a pioneer — Dan Montgomery #actlikemen #
  • Life working against us is God showing you how you work against him in what he is trying to do, — Dan Montgomery #actlikemen #
  • Jesus isn't a bearded lady, he is a warrior and man. — Dan Montgomery #actlikemen #
  • Because of Sin men are tempted to avoid, abuse, or abandon the calling of masculinity. –Dan Montgomery #actlikemen #
  • All hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads only to poverty. Prov. 14:23. #
  • Listening to @danielsojourn preach @actlikemen #
  • We set our DVR to save time so we can waste time watching it – @nicknye #actlikemen #
  • Breaking for lunch #actlikemen10 #a29 #
  • Sneaking into the church planters meeting @actlikemen #
  • We really make poor decision when we are alone, we need our wives. @actlikemen #a29 #
  • Too many men have stopped seeing our wives as a gift. I am all too often one of those men #actlikemen10 #a29 #
  • Men, are you painting a picture of the trinity with you marriage and family.? @actlikemen #actlikemen #a29 #
  • Healthy marriage is caring more about Holiness than happiness. @actlikemen #actlikemen #a29 #
  • Treat your wife like she is a priority and not like your sex drive is the priority @actlikemen #actlikemen10 #a29 #
  • Holiness as a man of God is to be courageous for the kingdom of God in what ever area you find yourself @davedorr @actlikemen #actlikemen10 #
  • We have been taught to be weak because we have been taught to live for ourselves. @davedorr @actlikemen #
  • The way to know if you are living for your flesh the words "I deserve…" @davedorr @actlikemen10 #
  • Where God loves us at his own expense, Porn is using someone at their expense. @actlikemen #actlikemen10 #a29 #
  • "the thing that fights an 'I deserve' attitude is a 'thank you' attitude. Heb 12:28 @davedorr @actlikemen #actlikemen10 #
  • We are a generation who lacks , role models, mentors and men to look up to @actlikemen #actlikemen10 #
  • If you generated half as much passion about Christ as you do about the Buckeyes, the next Great Awakening would happen in C-us #actlikemen #
  • We have a cyber faith where we can download the coolest sermons but can't live out the gospel with real people Kevin Jameson #actlikemen10 #
  • Men who do not practice regular repentance have a fundamental misunderstanding of the Gospel Kevin Jameson #actlikemen10 #
  • @raewhitlock Yes @davedorr is on twitter, I found him when someone else tweeted from the conference. in reply to RaeWhitlock #
  • I have just created a new list titled 'ActLikeMen' using TweetDeck, follow it here: @jasonrfisher/actlikemen #

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