//Godfidence Tweets 2010-03-21

  • 6 hour road trip unpacked and @veritascolumbus. It is good to be home. #
  • I loved being back with family but it is nice to be back to my 'normal' life. #
  • Google maps is adding bike routing!! Sweet! #
  • Ever just not want to get up from your computer and get on with life? #
  • RT @nicknye: @veritascolumbus received free chairs, kids equipment, tables and more from a kingdom minded church. –SWEET #
  • Got the bikes out and covered the first 8 miles of the year. #
  • Has anyone ever seen the WP loop call pages instead of posts? I have it happening now. #
  • FINALLY @sprint gets the Nexus one. — I can't wait for this phone. #
  • RT @theResurgence: Talkers Bring Transgression — Wow do I need to remember this. #
  • Favorite food you can't get anymore for what ever reason(don't make it any more, regional etc) go!! #lostfood #
  • Good conversation happening here. What food do you miss, either isn't made any more or you don't live there any more? #

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