//Godfidence Tweets 2010-03-28

  • The spirit doesnt take you past the cross but ever more deeply into it @veritascolumbus #
  • RT @TheHussman: Anyone who writes… well anyone who likes clever should watch this now — Really well done. #
  • The Resurgence: Prosperity Theology/Dirty Little Secret – #
  • is it rude to ask a CSR to stop breathing into their mic? #
  • HEY @sprint CSR don't just transfer me into a phone maze when trying to get me to another dept. #
  • Hey #0 987456321 apparently gets you to a real person or at least on hold for a real person. #
  • It is always nice when you have a bad customer service experience and they send you an automated email asking how things were. :-> #
  • kudos to @BSnyd for taking care of @veritascolumbus while @nicknye and @joe_byler party in Florida 🙂 #
  • Win an iPad to use w/ free @Logos Bible Software app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! Details: #
  • I may have already broken up with a phone I don't have; Nexus one or wait for the EVO? #
  • Only one Mt Dew a day, I don't know if I can dew it. #
  • I dont want more kids but I do want to keep my kids this age for a while. #
  • Filling out the census, filling out the census… #
  • Seriously someone had to do data entry for this thing, why is the census not online? #
  • long night and early morning I am not sure I can dew only one Dew today. #
  • Should I Get the Nexus one or wait for the EVO? I wish I had dates for either one of them, @sprint #
  • RT @dmichaelclary: New blog post: Healthcare Reform and the Gospel //Well said sir… #
  • Movie Quote of the Day: Make no mistake, it's not revenge he's after. It's a reckonin'. #
  • ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #

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