//Godfidence Tweets 2010-04-04

  • Don't forget @veritascolumbus moves to our new building and new service time Easter Sunday Morning. http://bit.ly/9IcmTe #
  • Finally a well reasoned and balanced article on the Health Care Bill. http://bit.ly/a0WZAb — Do yourself a favor and read it. #
  • In IT, I sometimes think you should fire everyone periodically so you can get rid of all the legacy thought processes. #
  • My daughter corrected someone at the store today on the meaning of Easter. "it is about Jesus being alive, not a bunny" #
  • I just got some FREE music from Red Letter. You can download it here: https://www.noisetrade.com/redletter #
  • NPR censors the term "pro-life" and changes it to "abortion rights opponent." http://bit.ly/aSK1Uk – ctrl the language ctrl the debate. #
  • Would a kind woman get my wife out of the house tonight? She has skipped her night out for the past month. Please rescue her from me &kids #
  • Hey guy on motorcycle in leather from neck to toe with no helmet, is that to protect your skin from brain matter if you crash? #
  • Today is a Green Day. I didn't even realize we owned American Idiot, thanks Heather. #
  • Anyone know any good resources to teach yourself to play guitar? #
  • Happy Easter He is risen!! #

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