Ways #LOST could have been better

This article is non-edited, stream of consciousness rant.  You have been warned…


Kate could have died…

While I would never root for the death of a real human being, Kate was an annoying character.  She had some shot at redemption at some point but I would have been fine if she would have died.

Or better yet they could have showed Ben and Danielle talking and then when Danielle remembered what happened on the island, she could have beat the crap out of Ben.  That would have been at least entertaining.

“They never returned home”

As I understand it the final show of Quantum Leap was never written as a finale.  After they found out they were cancelled they simply put a black screen with white letters that said “Sam Becket never returned home.”  It would have been better if they simply said “The castaways never returned home.” At least then we could work out thing in our own head that would have made sense.

Island Elsewhere

The island could have been simply an image in the center of a snow globe, all created in the imagination of a mentally disabled boy.  Sure it didn’t work for St. Elsewhere but at least then millions of Lost fans could have breathed a collective sigh of relief because it wasn’t supposed to make sense.


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