//Godfidence Tweets 2010-05-30

  • NSFW is becomming one of my favorite Podcasts, especially with @Ohdoctah. #
  • Thank you #LOST between you and #BSG I have officially given up on any of your type of shows. YOU ALL SUC K, and I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!! #
  • I think today is an old school speed metal kind of day. (Metallica before 1990, Anthrax etc..) Did I just say 1989 is old school? Yes I did #
  • 3 songs make it all OK: Summertime, Set adrift on Memory Bliss, Sadness Pt1 #
  • Only one week behind in my Bible reading for the year. That is better than the two weeks it was last week. #
  • The biggest problem facing the world economy isn't that banks or businesses are too big to fail. it's that government is too big to succeed. #
  • I didn't know we were getting new pennies, the reverse looks fake. #
  • Teeing off my first 9 of the year #

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