//Godfidence Tweets 2010-06-13

  • OK I wasn't sure how big the oil spill was. Thanks http://bit.ly/99JP2k #
  • PCs overtook Macs bc they were open and allowed any1 to develop for them, giving more options to all. Is android the PC to the iPhones Mac? #
  • Is this years economy being artificially inflated by the coming tax increases of 2011? How do taxes affect income? http://bit.ly/azurff #
  • Shapewriter Keyboard for android is awesome, if you haven't tried it check it out. #
  • I used to not mind being l8 to church because it meant I missed worship. But @veritascolumbus live is awesome http://bit.ly/9M29Ut #
  • Why will kids not pee when you are trying to potty train them. #

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