Thoughts on Reformed Doctrine

This is a walk though my personal thought process hope you enjoy.

Over the past several years I have been moving more and more toward a belief in Calvinism and the Reformed doctrine system.  If you don’t know what that is it may not matter for the sake of this conversation but feel free to look it up here.

I have been having some great conversations about this topic and other with my friend Dale. (just like old time, eh bro) when I started down a strange thought process.  Is it possible that my attraction to Calvinism is based on a logical fallacy?  Let me walk through a little background.

I was first introduced to Calvinism through the ministry of Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church Seattle.  As I studied more of the theology really meant I believe I may have been attracted, at least in part, to the importance they really placed on the power and majesty of God as opposed to the doctrines themselves.  I had come from a background in modern evangelisms where God can at times be reduced to a background figure.  There is so much “How to improve your life” being preached that the Gospel is merely something tacked on to the end of the message for the altar call.  But the reformed preachers seemed different to me.  They truly are committed to “Know nothing but Christ and him Crucified.”  The Gospel of Christ’s sacrifice courses through every sermon and is even orchestrated through our entire service at Veritas.  So, it may have been possible that I linked these two concepts in my brain.

Is it possible that I have attributed truth to their claims based on the factors other than the claims themselves?  I admit it is possible but I don’t believe it is true.

I still find myself torn when it comes to the idea if it is up to us or God when it comes to Salvation.  There are men much smarter than me who have argued this for a long time and I can see good solid points on both sides.  So I still find myself lost in the middle but I wanted to at least get some thoughts out since work is finally slowing down and I have a few moments.

Hope you enjoy the ride that is my thought process.

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One response to “Thoughts on Reformed Doctrine”

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly. I’ve been struggling with this myself. Over the last few years I have started to develop a dislike for Modern Christianity in general. My dislike my stem from 25 years of what I call evangelical BS and self help but passion can only take you so far and the flaws in certain beliefs (not doctrine but beliefs) can no long be ignored.

    I read the words of Spurgeon, Wesley, & Edwards and wonder if I am really even a Christian at times. I compare my relationship with Christ with my wife and wonder if I really love Him.

    So this morning (which is funny because I made up my mind to do this before I read your post this morning), I decided that I am going on a soul searching journey as well as to what I believe. Not what I agree with other people. I am glad I’m not alone and look forward to walking with you as we trying and figure it out.

    Thanks for another awesome post.

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