//Godfidence Tweets 2010-08-22

  • Hey @blizzard why is it that every time I try to play SCII during the day there is a battle.net outage? #
  • I love the arrogance of youth after all you are the first one to get it right in 2000 years. You should be cocky and not humble. #
  • As I want to be honest about software and not pirate it, the costs pushes me toward open source every time. Just not spending 2K on it. #
  • Android is the OS, droid is a set of phones from Verizon. You did NOT get a Droid EVO! – just another pet peeve of mine 🙂 #
  • Anyone else out there use the Mapmyrun or ride sites? I am looking to get back into a work out schedule and could use from friends. #
  • It is really hard to not drink caffeine when there are 60 cans of Mt Dew calling your name from across the room. #
  • How do private property rights fit into the NYC mosque discussion? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? #
  • Special thanks to the men of the "leaf club" I didn't know how much I needed that until last night. You dudes are awesome. #
  • Today two waters for every Mt Dew. #
  • Pandora should have a "best movie quotes of all time" playlist. That would rock. #
  • Why did Google streetview only renew the picture of my house but not in either direction on the street? I love Google but…CREEPY #
  • Got my app inventor access today.. Hope to have my first android app done by Monday even it is just "hello World!" #
  • RT @prodigaljohn: Having a "life verse." New Stuff Christians Like. http://bit.ly/dvn0im // Terribly funny and all too true. #
  • Any dudes want to take the kids to http://bit.ly/akb0xh this morning to bounce out all their energy? #

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