//Godfidence Tweets 2011-01-02

  • nothing like coming home to a flat tire and a dead battery #
  • How am I supposed to heat my daughters new Easy Bake Oven once the 100w bulb ban kicks in? http://bit.ly/f8oKgq #
  • RT @PastorTullian: Since a xians value & identity is anchored in Christ & NOT in being right, the gospel frees us to admit we're wrong. #
  • With the battery issues I have been having I am voting they put the crank back on the front of the cars to start them up. #
  • microsoft jus told me answered my password question by telling me to sign in with the account I DON'T HAVE THE PASSWORD FOR. #
  • Help me out, does the movie "Passion of the Christ" actually show the resurrection? I can not remember. #
  • Nirvana unplugged…Still one of the best albums ever. #
  • Face to face with the man who sold the world #
  • If your profile pic is you without a shirt I am going to unfriend you. Guy or girl… #
  • Guilty pleasure confession: I have Indigo Girls on my top songs play list. #
  • My Top Followers in 2010: @dsackr @nicknye @bcmouser @stevenbennett2 @soligoth @karamellow1. Find yours @ http://mytopfollowersin2010.com #
  • My Top followers:@bcmouser,@dsackr,@stevenbennett2,@karamellow1,@e_beav,@dmichaelclary, @cassyg,@bsnyd,@nicknye @ http://bit.ly/euWYk6 #
  • John was the' one jesus loved' not out of arrogance, but because that was his only identity.the only thing important about him. #

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