//Godfidence Tweets 2011-01-09

  • News Flash: We had the Fisher family annual budget review, and no tears were shed. First time in history. #
  • I feel quite foolish quibbling over pennies when I met a man today who woke up with a skunk in the tent where he lives. #Godhelpme #
  • Bureaucracies never do what they were created to do but only that which will perpetuate their own existence. #
  • RT @JohnPiper: Marriage. The roots are deep. The covenant is solid. The love is sweet. Life is hard. And God is good. #
  • Next year, I am unboxing all fo my kids toys then wrapping them, I am pulling out all of the directions for the games. #
  • Today my first website will officially go down. I have terribly mixed feelings. #
  • Act Like Men registration opens Jan. 11! You don't want to miss it. http://fb.me/Euz2f9X1 #
  • Do I take the tougher more rewarding road that I may not complete or the easier but less rewarding road. I think I answered my own ? #
  • Make sure you know OTC meds now require prescription if you want to use your HSA or FSA, thank you Mr President. #
  • The new White out Mt Dew taste remarkably like Sprite, 7up and all others in that vain. 🙁 #
  • Just found my first legit use for a torrent. #
  • Daddy/daughter date begins in approx 2 hours. I can't wait. #

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