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  • Through the Bible: Strangers

    There are so many things to think about in this section of the Bible, that I hesitate to write about anyone of them for fear of doing a disservice to the remaining items. This section of Bible includes a story often referenced when discussing the tithe, the story of Abraham and Melchizedek. I have already […]

  • Why do I watch?

    I took the chance to watch ‘Shrek the Halls’ last week and while it was terribly entertaining I can’t help but be upset every time I watch a TV Christmas special and they insist that the “real reason for Christmas” is anything but Christ. Shrek even went as far to say that “Twas the night […]

  • Looking ahead to the New Year

    Almost three years ago I made a new year’s resolution to read the Bible cover to cover I assumed it would take me an entire year, because that is what all the plans I found online say, but it only took me nine months. The following year I asked Dale to Join me and we […]

  • Blowing my Mind — Willowcreek “We were wrong”

    I am not trying take this time to bash Willowcreek but I am tipping my hat to them for admitting their errors and continuing to seek God regarding how they are supposed to do things. It is easy when you are one of the most ‘successful’ churches in the country to just put it into […]

  • Interesting Conversation

    I was just pulled into an interesting conversation that began with Senator Craig and ended up talking about mega churches and the TBN crowd. I got to listen to one agnostic, former Catholic, and a occasional church goer give their unabridged opinions on several church issues, while I prayed my hardest to say the right […]

  • The Gospel

    Some Time ago a quote from DA Carson and it has really had a profound affect on the way I think about the gospel and ministry. Here is the quote in full context and a link to the text of the message. Perhaps more common yet is the tendency to assume the gospel, whatever that […]

  • Smokin’ Weed with Jesus?

    No it isn’t just a catchy title to grab your attention although I think it will do that as well. I was watching Ralphie May’s “Girth of a Nation” comedy special and from the info page of my DVR it said one of the topics was doing drugs with Jesus, I was nervous but why […]

  • We read the Bible

    A friend and I have started a new blog strictly for the purpose of reading through the Bible.  It is found at We read the   We used to do a forum but we didn’t really have the interest to make it happen but we think this will work out better.  People can read along […]

  • What does it mean to read the Bible?

    When you were in school, your English teacher would give you a text book and there would be assigned reading, practice questions, review sections, and assignments. Segments of great writings would be included in the text book, but never the entire story. Just the parts you needed to study the method of writing, the verbiage, […]

  • Orphans and Christians

    I read a recent article that says there are an estimated 115,000 children in America that are orphans and 65 million evangelical Christians.  That is one child for each 565 evangelical Christians in America.  Why is this?  If “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and […]