Interesting Conversation

I was just pulled into an interesting conversation that began with Senator Craig and ended up talking about mega churches and the TBN crowd. I got to listen to one agnostic, former Catholic, and a occasional church goer give their unabridged opinions on several church issues, while I prayed my hardest to say the right thing.

It was difficult because I agreed with many of their points but without getting to deep into issues it is hard to disassociate myself as a follower of Christ from those who have left the gospel behind but kept the “Christian” language in order to attract nominal Christians and their tithe dollars.

The greater part of the conversation centered on the business of religion and the apparent lunacy and hypocrisy of those who are famous in the business of religion. I can’t say I don’t agree with many of their points and I did my best to point out with my limited time and common language that Jesus probably agrees with them as well but I don’t know if I did much good. I want so much to be able to accurately proclaim the love of Christ and his gospel but I still am unsure of how to even go about it.

The changes I feel are hard enough to express with a language common to those in the church, like our negative denotation of religion, let alone someone on the outside.

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