Category: Suburban Missionary

  • Financial predictions Redux

    I just want to drop a few predictions so I can point back to them when they happen. One piece of trivia I have always loved is that Al Capone’s business card said he was a second hand furniture salesman. I thought that was silly because who buys second hand furniture. Well, I believe we […]

  • Could our financial woes be good for the Gospel?

    Last week I wrote a little on our financial woes but I wanted to look on the other side.  You know in this time of financial trouble it is easy to loose track of important matters in our panic.  It is very possible that if we do things right, the church of Christ could truly […]

  • Suburban Missionary: Friend of a Friend

    Saturday I helped one of my best and longest term friends move out of Ohio, he has moved on to take a position as Youth Pastor. At his house I met a girl named Stephanie who works with my friends wife. Was that clear as mud? Anyway Stephanie moved down here alone and left her […]

  • Strangers a Continuing Story.

    A few months ago I talked about strangers in the Bible and I expressed a desire to do more for strangers but for some time I have ignored those desires, or found some good ‘reason to do so. Today that changed.

  • Suburban Missionary II

    I have decided to post an update on my effort to be a suburban missionary. Heather and I have talked at length about having a block party for our neighbors to get to know them all better but expressly to open the door to share the gospel. Well, I am unfortunately one of those people […]

  • Suburban Missionary

    “You feel called to Africa but you haven’t gone across the street” — Many Pastors across America. I have heard the above quote many a times in my life from a preacher who is trying to convince people to witness to their neighbors. Although I have a great numbers of problems with modern evangelism techniques I am beginning to feel the heart of the preachers who have shouted this to their congregation.