Strangers a Continuing Story.

A few months ago I talked about strangers in the Bible and I expressed a desire to do more for strangers but for some time I have ignored those desires, or found some good ‘reason to do so. Today that changed.

This morning (6/5/2008) I was driving to work and saw a man walking with a gas can walking toward a gas station. I was right by a turn around so I whipped a U-turn before I even thought about it, which was probably for the best because if I would have thought about it, I probably would have thought about how late I would be. So, I picked him up. He said thanks as he climbed in and said “I hope you have some change” as he held out a handful of pennies. I don’t now how he was going to get any thing for the change he had in his hand. I told him that I didn’t have any change but I had a card.

We pulled into the gas station and I filled up his gas can. He was continually saying thanks and then said “God bless you.” Well I know this is a cliché with some people but I said “He has, that is why I can help you out, and why I did.”

We started back up the road and I was determined not to leave the conversation at a generic American belief in an unnamed god, so I asked him if he knew the Gospel of Jesus.

“Of course, my fiancé used to be a preacher.” He replied. I was then convinced that God had set me up with a believer for my first time helping out a stranger. As I pulled away I was almost moved to tears, by what a humbling experience I had just had. I feel God had directed my path and changed my nature to help a Christian brother that I didn’t know.

I had to call my wife and it wasn’t because I wanted to brag that I was some sort of super Christian but to share the blessing I had just been a part of.

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