Category: Theology

  • Greatest Threat to Christianity in America

    Speaks for itself

  • Silly Myths

    I am really starting to love Matt Chandler

  • Between Two Worlds

    I have been in the middle of two worlds recently and it has been a very strange experience. While exploring the positive attributes of the house churches and the new less institutional models of Christianity I have found some great authors who have points I agree with even if I am not able to fully…

  • Happy Reformation Day!!

  • I used to believe…

    I have said in the past and continue to say to some extent that I don’t trust someone who has never changed their mind on some matter.  I have known a few people who are so dogmatic about every single topic that I just tune them out because they obviously are no longer open to…

  • OK I am a Geek: But I can’t wait!!!

    Some times you just have to admit your geek is showing but in this case I guess it makes me a Jesus geek. (Hurray for terrible puns)

  • The why behind the what?

    Have you ever wondered how some things came to be the standard way to do church? I may not have found all the answers but I have found a few and they may surprise you.

  • Pirates? Are you serious?

    It is just a coincidence that this follows some of my Friday pirate Videos but this is a little sad. I have never really listened to Ed Young but I have heard him raved about by some friends. This video makes me not really want to hear from him again. He talks about people who…

  • Loss of Dogma

    Dogma is a word, like many in the theological sphere, that’s meaning has been all but lost. It has taken on a negative connotation when in reality it is simply the most core beliefs of a given religion. defines dogma as “an authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered…

  • Reforming Slowly

    Since I discovered the Ministry of Mark Driscoll some time ago I have found an entire new world opened to me, the world of the reformed church. I have found myself listening to Spurgeon, Piper, Chandler, The White Horse Inn and a few others. They have shown me a new side of Christianity, actually more…