Richard Dawkins on Colbert Report | TheResurgence

This is just funny, it is a 6 minute video well worth your time…

Richard Dawkins on Colbert Report | TheResurgence

One response to “Richard Dawkins on Colbert Report | TheResurgence”

  1. I watched some of that guys video on youtube. He believes that it is natural for man to work in unity and that morality is constantly evolving for the better. He said something to the affect that our selfishness for a barable world for us to live in is what drives our society.

    One, selfiness never works out in this manner.

    He looks at apes and devises that we developed I scratch your back you scratch mine as something of a mutual benefit and that is what drives our popular moral judgements.

    I however can’t understand how our western society has become so unchaste. Acording to this arguement there must be some mutual benefit to this. Women who become pregnant and have brirth often live very challenging lives without a stable father figure. Abortion leads to guilt and can lead to health problems.

    Also our practices of divorce have very few desirable outcomes for our societys.

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