Fast Day 2

If nothing else I have had some very humbling experiences, which are things I can not get enough of.  I talked to three of my friends before my fast and asked them to pray with me.  Now I know you may be thinking “Jesus said not to let anyone know about your fasting” which is partly true.  Jesus said not to boast about it in an attempt to get regognition from men and that was not my intention.

Everyone should have a few brothers/sisters in their life that they are close to and can talk to.  The three men I talked to are the ones I rely on to keep me on track, the ones who will call me on the carpet if there was sin in my life and the ones who will carry me along when I can’t go any further myself.  That being said I spoke to them and asked them to pray for me and gave them the reasons for my fast.

One of my brothers said he would fast with me, I would never have thought of such a thing.  It was not that he had things in his life he needed to fast for, but he was fasting for me and my family.  I have had people ask me to pray for them and I do immediately so as not to be dishonest when I say I will, but I have never fasted for anyone else in my life, a fact I feel the need to repent of now.  If we are truly to bear one anothers burdens (Gal 6:2) then this should be well with in our expectations.  I have always been amazed by Job’s friends, who sat in ash with him for seven days and mourned with him and never said a word.

Another friend told me as he was praying for me he saw a tree both roots and top and its roots were strong and was a mighty tree.  But he said, even trees obey seasons.  And in a season of rest they rest.  He said this may be a season of rest for me and it is exactly what I am to be doing.  Now I just recently learned that if you want to plant trees and shrubs it is good to do it in the early fall because when these plants are “resting” above the ground their roots are growing and taking a better hold.  This hit home a bit with me because since I am not on the traditional path to Youth Ministry, which has always been my goal I don’t know where I am going now.  Maybe this is a time of root growing and rest before blooming in the next season.


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  1. I’m home. I smoked a Cuban in your honor before I left, however it lacked you. Here’s to seeing a good friend again.

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