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Americans Flunk Religion

This article from USA Today says something I have thought for a long time. Americans don’t know much about religion, Christianity or otherwise. If 60% of Americans can’t name the 10 Commandments, and High school students think Sodom and Gomorrah were married, we are in trouble. I would wager that CHristians are not in much better shape.

I did a game once with some teenage students in my youth ministry where I would give them a name and they had to tell me if it was Old or New Testament, and it was a little scary. Last year my Pastor taught the commandments and offered money to anyone who could name them and only my students could (because I told them it was coming). It seems a lot of Christians “know what they believe” but have no biblical basis for those beliefs, and sometimes don’t even care.

If we are to proclaim that the Bible is truth and the word of God then we must have a foundataion to those beliefs and it can not simply be, “Well, I believe…”

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