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An interesting Debate

Is Christianity good for the world?

This is the question between an athiest and a Theologeon in this article.

I would like to answer this question myself, I believe even outside of Jesus redeeming all of man kind Christianity has done a great deal of good for the world.  I of course exlcude those who call themselves Christians but do not live the life Christ called us to.

    Litteracy — Since we are a people of the book missionaries and churches have for years helped illiterate people to learn to read.  The first things we want them to do is read the word of God for themselves.

Personal property rights — The Mosiac Law spelled out personal property and the responsibility thereof.  It is through personal property that America has become the prosperous nation that it is.

Human value — Christianity teaches that humans are created in the image of God and are therefore all equally valuable as such, if it were not for this idea being spread through the world we would simply be a darwinistic dog eat dog, to hell with the weak kind of place.  At least that is the logical outcome.

Charity — Christians tend to give more to help others than any other people group.  Imagine if you believe in karma, you are hindering someone in their redemption to to help them in any plight in which they are involved.

Did the Church invent these ideas? Perhaps not, but we have certainly did the best to spread these virtues to the four corners of the world.

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I don’t have a lot of time to address everything that I want to at the moment, but allow me to state that “Militant Atheists” like Richard Dawkins are really starting to tick me off.

Their self-centered, ego-maniacal facist views are detrimental to society at large, quite degrading to the human condition, and demonstrate nothing of any real value.

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