Short but sweet

I have to study for my first mid-term so I don’t have a ton of time but I wanted to put a few thoughts out there for now…

  1. If you were young enough to wear a fashion the first time it was popular don’t wear it when it comes back.
  2. My prayers may have been answered, it looks like Fred Thompson is going to run for President. If you aren’t sure who he is you it was a Prosecutor turned Senator turned actor, he is the DA on Law and order. He may be the only conservative in the race.
  3. It is really true that humans want legalism and religion by default? It seems that all new trends in Christianity that start as anti-legalism and anti-religion eventually end up with their legalism of their own breed.
  4. I have begun to get back into magic I did it for a little bit when I was in high school but haven’t really touched it since. There is something very special about that particular performance medium, there is that great feeling when the people you are performing for have to do the double take and you are the Prestige. (See the movie if you haven’t)
  5. Is it just me or is new wave music coming back?  All I hear on Launchcast seems to say it is, which is great if for no other reason than to get rid of that whiney emo crap.
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One response to “Short but sweet”

  1. Allow me to respond point by point:

    1) When Member’s Only jackets, aviator glasses and mousse come back, I’m first in line regardless of what you say. And I wouldn’t mind a good pair of flip-down Chuck high tops while we’re on the subject.

    2) Thompson, yeh, ’bout stinking time. What do you think about the possibilities of a Thompson/Romney ticket?

    3) Most stuff tends to start good but breaks down within 1-2 generations. It’s the flaw of human character, the mark of sin on our souls, if you will. Just wait till post-modern and seeker-sensitive become institutionalized. What a hoot!

    4) I’ll be sure to pick you up that new Marshall Brodein deck for your birthday.

    5) Emo sucks, retro 80’s rulz!!! COWABUNGA DUDE!

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