Hart-Broken – The 50-Yard Lion By Todd Sponsler

I think I may have to actually join the anti Jopa crowd.  I love his character and the way he builds young men, but not at the expense of the team but I don’t think his, play to not lose mentality will work any more.  This article breaks down the loss to THE M pretty effectively and although Michigan played pretty well on Saturday there is no one to blame for this loss but the coaching staff.

Hart-Broken – The 50-Yard Lion By Todd Sponsler

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  1. The good news is that Paterno will not be remembered for this individual loss, or any loss for that matter. Rather, he will go down in the record books as on the “winningest” coaches in college history (much like Frank Beamer of the Hokies), and he will be remembered for the character and work ethic he instilled in his players over the years. Take heart in the fact that NO ONE can take that record away from him.

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