Ron Paul would be great

For those of you who don’t know Ron Paul is a congressman from Texas who should be the next US President. This little clip shows you why….


3 responses to “Ron Paul would be great”

  1. I like a good deal of what Ron Paul has to say, but I have mixed feelings. In my gut, I question the “winnability factor.” Can he win against Hilary or whomever gets the Dems nomination. To date, he hasn’t convinced me he has that winnability factor. I lament the loss of Reagan and the lack of Reagan conservatism in modern-day Republicans.

  2. That is why I said he would be great, frankly I don’t think the Republicans will let him win the nomination. At this point I think Fred Thompson is our best bet, Rudy has to many personal issues to deal with and he will be torn apart by the Clinton machine.

  3. I think Huckabee has the momentum he need to win.. He is the sharpest and most real candidate. He is the one most likely to retain the Republican base voter, and he is also best equipped to be able to reach folks who don’t normally vote with the GOP. He doesn’t have a lot of money, but he really hasn’t needed it. His message sells, and the relative lack of cash testifies to the fact that he has not sold out.

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