Through the Bible: Insert Clever Title Here

I have to be honest, I am way behind with my reading and as I am hitting some very familiar territory, I am having trouble focusing because “I have read it before.” Then to top it off God begins to give the law this week, which isn’t the easiest stuff to read so I decided to try my hand a little historical fiction. I have thought all week about the exodus story. I wonder if we can truly see the story though out traditional lenses.

For instance, I wonder how the conversation went between Pharaoh and his magicians when the plagues began to hit. The Nile has just turned to blood before the eyes of Pharaoh and all of his officials. Pharaoh turns to his magicians and they repeat the plague turning water into blood themselves. Had I been Pharaoh I would have them executed, I didn’t want someone to repeat the plague, I would want it reversed. All they could do was add to the problem repeatedly, until they are not even able to do that. It appears that while Moses was receiving his instruction on how to consecrate Aaron, Aaron was molding a golden calf. Which speaks to me of God’s grace; God knew what Aaron would be up to still chose him to be the high priest of all Israel.

Unfortunately, this week will be a short post as I catch up on my reading and prayer.

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