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  • Mephibosheth remix

    OK, work has been really rough lately with a new project rolling out so I haven’t been able to keep up with my writing but I have caught up to where I am supposed to be with the Bible reading for the year, I consider that to be more important. Mephibosheth has particular importance to […]

  • I Wish…

    I put off writing this until this morning in the hope that I would be able to write that my wife and I had caught up on our road trip but the fact of the matter is we didn’t. We are still several weeks behind but not as far as we were.  I have to […]

  • Awww Crap…

    I really hated to write this but I felt I had to in order for this whole blogging through the Bible thing to work.  One of the reasons I do it is for accountability I need to make it through. I am weeks behind on reading. April 25th to be exact.  I am catching up […]

  • All Scripture; Really?

    All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. –2 Tim 3:16-17 All Scripture?  Really?! Because I gotta tell you trudging through all of the lists of Numbers and Chronicles is […]

  • Judge Dread? No, Samson

    I am still having trouble when I read the Old Testament as seeing Jesus instead of myself.  While some stories are easy like David and Goliath I wonder how Samson’s story points to Jesus. I know maybe not every detail of every story needs to point directly to Christ but perhaps the whole age of […]

  • Deut 11 – Insert Clever Title here

    When I read these passages of scripture there is one thing I can’t help but bring up. I will only ask one question. Why is it that of all the tithe sermons and sermonettes I have heard in my ears in a health and wealth church, I never heard anyone mention Deut. 14? Where the […]

  • Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

    In the past when I have read numbers I wondered if they census taker was rounding numbers off.  How could it be that every tribe just happens to have numbers that round off to the hundreds? The census here servers two purposes according to my study bible to show that the promise to Abraham was […]

  • Leviticus strikes again…

    Warning: this article is more for me than public consumption.  I want to come back to study this point but don’t have time at the moment. Leviticus gets a bad wrap as far I am I concerned.  Sure, it is one of the few books full of do’s and don’ts but it also shows just […]

  • Don’t Stop Reading in Exodus :: Desiring God

    Don’t Stop Reading in Exodus :: Desiring God. This is  a great reminder of why we should read the Old Testement and not just skip forward to the new. It can really get hard this time of year in Bible reading, the emotion is gone no longer pushing you forward, the cool stories are past […]

  • Oh Good, Leviticus

    I have to tell you if I am going to crap out on my way through the Bible reading this is where it starts.  Exodus wraps up the narrative out of Egypt and begins some of the books of the law.  It makes me very thankful that are no longer under the law because of […]