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Tax Day

Well again I don’t like to be all political but this is the only time of the year it seems you can get people to pay attention. There will be news stories of Post Offices being open late so people can file. There may even be a few stories about how much the squeeze is being put to the ‘middle class’ and all candidates will be promising that if elected they will only tax the rich and most of us don’t consider ourselves rich.

According to the Tax foundation, a non-partisan group. Tax freedom day will not happen for most of us for a few more weeks. Tax freedom day is the day you would be done paying taxes if you paid every penny you earned from January 1. This year it is April 23 as an average. You can check out their site for more information and your states specific freedom day. But think about it, if we had to pay every penny we made to the government until we had paid our taxes we wouldn’t be done until almost 4 months into the year.  It is longer than it takes us to pay for our housing, food, health care, and recreation.

You know when my family was spending more than we took in I had a few choices, get a new job, demand more money or cut back on spending.  If you can’t demand more money from your boss, and you can’t find a new job you have to cut back on spending.  I wish the government didn’t have the power to demand more money from it’s bosses (us) and would realize there is a need to cut spending so we could all hold on to what we earn.  Think of what you could do with an extra 4 months worth of pay a year.  I bet you could spend it better than uncle Sam.

The Tax Foundation

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