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Lots of Changes

I have finally decided on a new theme for this blog and I plan on making a few other, deeper changes.  God has shown me a few things that I didn’t realize about myself and after some meditation I plan on changing my life accordingly.  God recently revealed some bitterness to me, it was difficult to see because it wasn’t toward any particular person.

I am taking this blog in a slightly more personal direction because it doesn’t seem like people like to read my arm chair theology anyway but I still like writing it so it may come up occasionally or I may just keep it private, I haven’t really decided as of yet.  Anyway I make the look of the blog a little brighter and hopefully a little brighter over all.

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Tax Day

Well again I don’t like to be all political but this is the only time of the year it seems you can get people to pay attention. There will be news stories of Post Offices being open late so people can file. There may even be a few stories about how much the squeeze is being put to the ‘middle class’ and all candidates will be promising that if elected they will only tax the rich and most of us don’t consider ourselves rich.

According to the Tax foundation, a non-partisan group. Tax freedom day will not happen for most of us for a few more weeks. Tax freedom day is the day you would be done paying taxes if you paid every penny you earned from January 1. This year it is April 23 as an average. You can check out their site for more information and your states specific freedom day. But think about it, if we had to pay every penny we made to the government until we had paid our taxes we wouldn’t be done until almost 4 months into the year.  It is longer than it takes us to pay for our housing, food, health care, and recreation.

You know when my family was spending more than we took in I had a few choices, get a new job, demand more money or cut back on spending.  If you can’t demand more money from your boss, and you can’t find a new job you have to cut back on spending.  I wish the government didn’t have the power to demand more money from it’s bosses (us) and would realize there is a need to cut spending so we could all hold on to what we earn.  Think of what you could do with an extra 4 months worth of pay a year.  I bet you could spend it better than uncle Sam.

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Friday Videos: Global Warming

This one is a bit longer than normal but it is always to get the other side out since all we hear is Al Gores side.

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Tax Time

Tax ManI try to keep this blog as clear of politics as possible but it is the time of year I can’t help but vent.

Imagine if you will the scene at a grocery store where a woman has a two hundred and fifty dollar bill. She hands the cashier three hundred dollars to pay for said bill and when she receives her fifty dollars of change she shrieks “Oh, I have fifty dollars. I am so glad for this time because now I have more money.” The cashier and those around her look at her peculiarly as she dances away thrilled with her new found fortune.

This would be a strange event would you witness it but daily this time of year. People are thrilled to get their tax refund without realizing that it is nothing but change from a bill they have been paying all year. Only in this case the government holds your money all year so that they can earn the interest on it instead of allowing you to spend it on what you wish. This was started to bring in extra money to pay for WWI but has continued because according to the Department of Treasury:

This (withholding) greatly eased the collection of the tax for both the taxpayer and the Bureau of Internal Revenue. However, it also greatly reduced the taxpayer’s awareness of the amount of tax being collected, i.e. it reduced the transparency of the tax, which made it easier to raise taxes in the future. (History of the U.S. Tax System. U.S. Department of Treasury. Retrieved on 200610-31.)

Ask many people how much they pay in taxes and they have no idea or even worse they may say “None, I got a refund this year” not even realizing they have merely gotten change from a bill they have been forced to pay without their knowledge or even consent.

According to the Tax Foundation people work from January 1 until April 30 just to pay their taxes, one third of our labor is just to pay the taxes on that labor. And this date is getting latter and latter every year, but most people never realize it because they have been drugged with the chemical of withholdings. Wake up and pay attention to the amount of money taken from your pay check, the thousands in income tax, the hundreds in social security (you will NEVER see again), and hundreds more in other taxes.

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From the land of Duh: CARRYING GUNS WILL STOP VIOLENT CRIMES | National Center for Policy Analysis

CARRYING GUNS WILL STOP VIOLENT CRIMES | National Center for Policy Analysis


Why boys should be allowed to play with toy guns | the Daily Mail

From the “We paid money to find out something our grandparents already knew” department. All I can say was at least in this case it was British taxpayers, although we are researching this tripe as well.

Why boys should be allowed to play with toy guns | the Daily Mail

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Blowing my Mind — Willowcreek “We were wrong”

I am not trying take this time to bash Willowcreek but I am tipping my hat to them for admitting their errors and continuing to seek God regarding how they are supposed to do things. It is easy when you are one of the most ‘successful’ churches in the country to just put it into cruise and maintain but they are not doing that, so kudos to them. And secondly for admitting their mistake to a global audience and doing their best to correct what their influence may have caused.

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Random Thoughts

  • I saw a report of about the new “Worlds fastest Man” a title given to the man who holds the world record in the 100M dash.  The link said, click here to see highlights of his record breaking run.  How does one edit down highlights of a 9.74 second race?
  • Walking down the hall at work I am accosted by signs with factoids about the work being done by the United Way.  Now I don’t give to them due to some moral disagreements but the issues they discuss are volunteer groups keeping streets safe, calls to food banks, kindergarten kids in trouble, and I can’t help but think that if the church was doing its job these things wouldn’t be necessary.
  • The more I think about the quote “It is easy to sound prophetic from the margins but what we need is people who are prophetic from the center” the more I truly believe it.  It quote was from John Piper talking about the loss of the Gospel as the central theme of sermons in America.
  • I found out that “LOST” isn’t coming back until May but it will run straight instead of that crappy 8 week break.  And that it will only be going for 6 seasons, it is good to know that there will be some finality.
  • It is simply amazing how much paperwork you have to do in corporate America.  When the paper work takes more time than the actual work you are doing the paperwork for something is wrong.
  • “The Big Bang Theory” is probably the best new show I have seen recently, it seems that since I became a father I don’t want to watch Law and Order CSI or any of those more serious drama shows, and most comedies haven’t struck a chord with me but this show is great.  It will probably hit with the same crowd that watched “Frasier” because many of the jokes are based on intellectual and geek issues, if you get a chance check it out, if you really get a chance DVR it and pause it on the producers “vanity card”.
  • Sorry I have been out of blogging for a minute, our family has had a great deal of drama over the last week.  Heather’s purse was stolen our of our van at Blockbuster but a few days later the dufas threw out her wallet but missed the dumpster and it was found by the apartment manager so we got everything back but our cash and debit card which we had already canceled.  Ironically, most of the cash that was still in her wallet was our charity money so we decided God wanted us to give to this guy money so we are just thankful to have all of her other stuff back.
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Livin Large

Livin Large

This article points to a great deal of factors that point to the consumer growth in America.  I can’t help but wonder if Christians have bought into this idea of stuff and bigger is better at the cost of the gospel.

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Bible Pals: Plush Jesus

Seriously?  This is what we have come to as Christians?  No wonder the world is laughing at the church.

Bible Pals: Plush Jesus – – LifeWay Christian Stores