Through The Bible: Far Behind

As I said before I have fallen behind with the addition of our new little girl and my own lack of discipline, but I am determined to continue to read. I am almost exactly one month behind the schedule so I am starting in on the April 8th reading of 1 Samuel.

Hannah sings a song to the Lord in chapter 2. If all scripture is God breathed and good for doctrine as Paul puts it in Timothy we must closely examine her words, unlike the songs in Lord of the rings.

The LORD kills and brings to life;

he brings down to Sheol and raises up.

7 The LORD makes poor and makes rich;

he brings low and he exalts.

8 He raises up the poor from the dust;

he lifts the needy from the ash heap

to make them sit with princes

and inherit a seat of honor.

For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’s,

and on them he has set the world.

I believe these would be more examples of what are known as spectrum texts, passages of scripture that attribute both sides of a spectrum to God. It isn’t God who makes rich and man who makes poor, or poor choices that make poor, it is God who makes poor. We could simply attribute this to the “way people thought back then” but we walk a slippery slope to do so.

Samuel makes me feel better about my ability to hear God in Chapter 3, God calls on him three times before he has to be told that it is God. When asking “How do I know it is God talking to me?” well meaning people have quoted “My sheep know my voice” but Samuel obviously didn’t.

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