Wanted: a Paul

I had an interesting experience today at lunch today as I sat and pretended to read I was eavesdropping on a pair of older gentlemen at the next table. (Yea it was wrong but I don’t care) There conversation was more interesting than my book for a little while and I started to think about the older men, or lack there of in my life.

It has been a long time since I have had an older man as a mentor in my life, really since high school. Understand that I am not talking about someone who is a few years older than me; I have had a few of those but someone who is old enough to be my father or grandfather.

I have actually been longing for that “Paul” in my life for some time. I have a plenty of Timothy’s and Silas’ but few Pauls.

I left one who I have talked about here on a few occasions, when I moved to Ohio for Bible College. There I found myself surrounded by a group of other wet behind the ears young men with a lot of zeal but little wisdom. Even the Youth Pastor was only a few years older than I am not but he was a very wise man. I learned a great deal from him.

Then we moved to a church that was still in the first generation from when it was planted, so the oldest people in the church were those there at its founding twenty five years ago. There were a few men there that I learned from but the time was short and I was closer to their kids, being the youth pastor.

Maybe it is my own fault for not searching out such men, or for focusing to much on other things. Now I am just not sure how to go about changing it.

Anyone want to volunteer to adopt me?

Have you ever had someone in your life who has played the role of a Paul in your life?

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