Worship or Pop

Ok, I am trying really hard not to be so critical but on our way to King’s Island this past weekend my wife was flipping through some radio stations and stopped on some music that isn’t really my style but I started listening because it seemed pretty good.  Half way through I had to ask, “Is this a Christian song or a pop love song?”  My wife laughed out loud and responded with “That is why I love you, you are straight forward about that stuff.  It is a Christian song”

Seriously, I have heard people talk about “Jesus is my boyfriend” music but this was the most blatant example I have ever heard.  The song sounded like it belonged in the wrap up scene in the latest Heather Graham and Matthew McConaughey film.  I told her I would feel more than a little gay singing it to Jesus.

I don’t know if woman can understand this because they are obviously more comfortable with the bride imagery of the Bible than most men are.  We avoid it as much as possible quite frankly.  She confirmed that she didn’t understand it but could see where I was coming from.

The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that she switched stations while I wasn’t paying attention.  I was listening to another song and while it could have been another “worship” song it was actually on a regular station, and actually was just a love song.  I ranted again in good fun but seriously I would like to hear some lyrics that don’t just make me comfortable in my complacency but pay proper homage to the God of the universe who saved us from ourselves and our sins by is divine grace and through faith in his Son Jesus Christ.

Maybe something like this?

Is that to much to ask?

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