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Every year since this blog has been up it seems like I have a large number of readers at the very beginning of the year only to have the numbers drop back down to average by February or March. I assume that is because every year I attempt to read the Bible all the way through and encourage others to do so as well. People come by to see how things are going and check the schedule only to fall off the bandwagon like so many other resolutions.

Again this year I am going to be reading the Bible, I haven’t decided on a schedule as of yet but I would like to know what would help you meet the goal of reading God’s word? I could do a newsletter/mailing list of encouragement, or set up a forum to discuss what we are reading, a podcast of the daily reading? I am willing to try anything if it will help people read God’s word.

I think it is important for everyone to read and understand the Bible, how else will we know what God said versus what we have always thought. It is the primary way God speaks to us, and most of us, including myself ignore it far too much.

Let me know if you are interested in partaking or helping this year.

Drop a comment and let me know what you think.

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just some random and mildly incoherant suggestions.

a forum would be helpful dedicated to this purpose- reading the Bible

Should be designed to multiple “jump-in, jump back on points. i.e. weekly, monthly, or “by the Book”

A reminder e-mail to do the aforementioned would be a good thing i think, if participants agree to recieve the mail.

Designed of forum???
1. participatory area weekly posting/responses- – not mandatory, but– some expectations/responsibility i.e “don’t have much to say” , or post Something

2. Ask the Rabbi section. If questions come to mind during daily reading- don’t get bogged down- but post in this section. Anyone having the ability can take a stab at responding

3. Teaching thread similar to ask the Rabbi- however dealing with the overview , cultural, archealogical, etc. — again open to whomever has the ability and desire to contribute.
a. monthly
b. or after a book or section

Jason– Thought that you might be interested, since you may be partly responsible. I have been given the official go ahead to lead, facilitate, (whatever you want to call it) a Wednesday night “class” with the goal of reading through the Bible this coming year.

Most definately, I am counting on your prayers and support. May be asking for guidance and counsel. Look what kind of mess you have gotten yourself into w/the serving God thing.:)

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