Random Thoughts

These are just thoughts that may not be long enough to get an entire post to themselves, but are things I wanted to get written down.

  • Will all those who voted for President Elect Barak Obama please begin “spreading the wealth around” by sending money via paypal to jasonrfisher@gmail.com, it will help hurry up the process.
  • I have learned a few things from my daughter over the holidays, sometimes I should just listen to her. She got this new pony toy and was asking me how to make it sing. While I knew it talked I pressed the button several times until it was repeating itself and it never sung. I told Alora it doesn’t sing and she insisted “Yes, it does” I was almost angry with her but let it go because it wasn’t worth it. Walking out to the car I pressed something and for the first time that toy sang. I had to apologize to Alora because she was right.
  • I have so much to be thankful for that it is almost embarrassing: a good job despite not having gone to college for technology, happy and healthy children (even when they are screaming, at least they can scream right?), I am in the top 2% wealthiest people in the world (at least according to some websites), I have a God who loved me enough to condescend to my world and save me despite myself, and a wife who I love more today than the day I married her.
  • Have we really been “conformed to this world” when it comes to Christmas? How to I teach my children about the true meaning of Christmas when they are surrounded by contrary messages all around.
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