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I have written extensively on things about Christmas in the past, I have my issues with the holiday and I love it at the same time.

I have relaxed my view on Santa, I don’t tell my daughter about him because I have constantly told her that I don’t lie to her.  I don’t want her to be confused about what this Holiday is all about, it is about the Advent of Jesus.  Grandparents and friends may talk about Santa but she won’t here that out of my mouth.

The only thing I hold the line for is the idea that “If you aren’t good, you won’t get any presents.”

Christmas is about the single greatest undeserved gift in all of history, we give to one another not because we deserve it but to remind each other that “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.”  And he did it despite the fact that we don’t deserve it, and can’t behave well enough (which is kind of the point of the gift to begin with.)

For Christmas we have begun several traditions, this year we are going through doing something special on each night of advent.  Our family worship time is pointing to the coming of Christ.  Each night our we read a story of our redemptive history and decorate an ornament for out advent tree.  And each night the girls get to open a door on their advent calendar.

I hope that in these little ways we can honor God with this season instead of creating little consumer monsters.

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Messiah as a Baby?

At church last night I had Zoe strapped to my side in her little carrier.  Leaving my hands free and my biceps relieved.  I couldn’t help but wonder as we sung about the advent of our Lord as a baby what it would have been like to look into the eyes of your child and see the eyes of God.

We know Jesus was perfect but he was still a child, did he try to grab EVERYTHING he could and put it in his mouth?  Did he cry out as the Rabbi was trying to speak?  Did he only cry out when Mary sat down as Zoe did last night?

It is such a strange idea that the savior of all mankind came to this earth not in a flaming chariot, or with an army of angels.  He came as a baby in a manger and the only angels were the choir that sang not to the kings of the earth but to the shepherds.  He wasn’t at all what we expected but he was definitely what we needed.

Just a thought.

Christmas Family Life

Christmas Wisdom from the Sage

Over at letters from Kamp Krusty the Sage is dispensing tons of great free Christmas adivce

“Oh, but it’s Christmas! It’s a special time of the year! I know, we’re in debt, overall, but it’s Christmas, and that’s only once a year, and — ”

“And…” you’re an idiot. Seriously.


The Sage says it in love. The Sage also says, in love, that if you spend $150 on your kid for Christmas when you don’t have $150, you’re not only giving your kid a neat-o Nano, you’re giving your kid a gift that keeps on giving: The gift of foolishness, surrounded by beautiful lights, the scent of pine, and fudge. The gift of foolishness, on display, etched in memory.

Read the whole article, it is pretty good.

Christmas Family Life

Christmas for my Family

Christmas in My Family

Maybe I am an extremist when it comes to Christmas and the issues surrounding it but I get pretty excited over it. There is no other religious observance or holiday that is undermined so much in our American culture.

You don’t see TV shows and movies that tell you the “true meaning” of Chanukah is something completely unrelated to is original meaning and I can’t even imagine the outrage is we distorted the “true meaning” of a Muslim holiday was something other than its religious purpose.

Christmas is the celebration of the first advent of the Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth. God gave us is Son who would live the life we should have lived, die in our place for our sins, and rise again showing God’s acceptance of his sacrifice, all according to the scriptures.

I don’t say the gifts they receive are from Santa, I don’t intend to tell my daughters about Santa Clause until they ask and they we will look up St. Nicholas together. It may seem extreme but I don’t want my girls to be confused when they learn Santa isn’t real will they associate his non-existence with that of Jesus? “Well if Santa isn’t real maybe Jesus isn’t real either?”

I don’t ever say things like “If you aren’t good, or if you don’t do x Santa won’t come.” First of all, I don’t make threats that I have no intention of following through with. My daughters know if I say it I mean it.

I don’t want my daughters to even subconsciously make the connection to their behavior and the gift of God’s son. Let’s be clear, we don’t and can’t deserve the forgiveness of sins and the gift of Jesus. The point of the gifts should be the same; my kids don’t deserve it either. They are given gifts simply because we love them as God loved us, not because they were good all year (The last person to be good all year died on a cross)

Thirdly, I am not forcing this thought process on everyone, I am not wearing t-shirt that says “Santa isn’t real” and ruining it for children, (Although I am thinking about getting one for my daughter that says: Don’t mention Santa to me spoilers enclosed) and then training her to say “Santa isn’t real” to any one who mentions him to her. OK, not really but I want to.

In our home we have decided to take this Holy day and treat it as such, my girls will learn far earlier than I did the reason for celebrating Christmas, and every year it will enforce upon them how great the grace of God truly is.

I don’t mean to sound so tenacious about this but I feel constantly under attack by every “Christmas” special and movie out there which constantly tries to apply something to this Holy day that isn’t the gift of God’s son. I don’t care if we all love each other, or if we learn it is better give than receive, or learn what family is all about or what ever other tripe Holly wood can come up with. If it isn’t the birth of Jesus Christ; it isn’t Christmas.

Christmas Family Life

Top 25 Life-Improving Christmas Gifts for Under $10 | Zen Habits

In the interest of improving my quality of life and reducing the commercialism of Christmas I found this list last year and I wanted to post it to remind myself as well as give ideas to others.

Top 25 Life-Improving Christmas Gifts for Under $10 | Zen Habits

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Random Thoughts

These are just thoughts that may not be long enough to get an entire post to themselves, but are things I wanted to get written down.

  • Will all those who voted for President Elect Barak Obama please begin “spreading the wealth around” by sending money via paypal to, it will help hurry up the process.
  • I have learned a few things from my daughter over the holidays, sometimes I should just listen to her. She got this new pony toy and was asking me how to make it sing. While I knew it talked I pressed the button several times until it was repeating itself and it never sung. I told Alora it doesn’t sing and she insisted “Yes, it does” I was almost angry with her but let it go because it wasn’t worth it. Walking out to the car I pressed something and for the first time that toy sang. I had to apologize to Alora because she was right.
  • I have so much to be thankful for that it is almost embarrassing: a good job despite not having gone to college for technology, happy and healthy children (even when they are screaming, at least they can scream right?), I am in the top 2% wealthiest people in the world (at least according to some websites), I have a God who loved me enough to condescend to my world and save me despite myself, and a wife who I love more today than the day I married her.
  • Have we really been “conformed to this world” when it comes to Christmas? How to I teach my children about the true meaning of Christmas when they are surrounded by contrary messages all around.
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    Back Home again…

    Well we are finally back at home from our LONG Christmas break. We spent a few days in WV and a few in PA and what seemed like a few on the road, although it was only half a day (13 hours). We got a chance to start a few traditions for our families Christmas, I read the nativity story for Alora and Corbin and then we had a birthday cake for Jesus. Heather and I agreed to try to keep Jesus as the focus as the holiday so that is something we plan on doing for the years to come.

    It was great to see everyone and I hope we can keep in contact.