Messiah as a Baby?

At church last night I had Zoe strapped to my side in her little carrier.  Leaving my hands free and my biceps relieved.  I couldn’t help but wonder as we sung about the advent of our Lord as a baby what it would have been like to look into the eyes of your child and see the eyes of God.

We know Jesus was perfect but he was still a child, did he try to grab EVERYTHING he could and put it in his mouth?  Did he cry out as the Rabbi was trying to speak?  Did he only cry out when Mary sat down as Zoe did last night?

It is such a strange idea that the savior of all mankind came to this earth not in a flaming chariot, or with an army of angels.  He came as a baby in a manger and the only angels were the choir that sang not to the kings of the earth but to the shepherds.  He wasn’t at all what we expected but he was definitely what we needed.

Just a thought.

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