Am I to much of a freak?

My wife grew up listening to a series of records staring Psalty the singing song book and because of her love for this series she has purchased them for my daughter and Alora loves them.  I however do not.  I dislike them, not in the same way I do all of the other kids shows but because this “Christian” character teaches bad doctrine.  One of the songs chorus goes “With Jesus I’ll do my best he’ll do the rest,” it is talking about things like climbing a mountain using Phil 4:13 as the refrain.

I want my daughters to realize that you can do nothing on your own.  Our total inability keeps us from pleasing God on our own.  It isn’t about some sort of moralism where we do our best and Jesus makes up the delta in our righteousness.  We are completely incapable of doing any thing in the way of righteous and it is only because of the imputed righteousness of Christ that we are acceptable in the eyes of God.  Much like our beloved vegetable shaped characters they only teach that you have to be good.  It is a moralism that will damn you to hell just as fast as any unrepentant sin.  As my friend Scott said “There is a non-smoking virgin section of hell” and without the Gospel far too many “Christians” are heading there.

Am I being too much of a freak?  Or should I be worried that I am setting a poor foundation that I will have to rebuild later?

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  1. If the chorus said- – I’ll do my best he’ll do the rest- – I may have to agree. But it says WITH Jesus. I see this as an encouragement to use all that he has given us (gifts and talents) and partner with him. The second half of the phrase speaks to the when/where I am weak he will be strong. Where is the bad doctrine??? I suppose I would say that we can do nothing “good” on our own. But, how exciting when Jesus does it WITH us that we can rejoice!!!!!!!

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