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Every year tons of people start the year off with the goal of reading the Bible.  Most people quit somewhere in the first five books.  Usually in Leviticus after all those details are like trudging a molasses bog at times.

This year I am one of those people who are planning on reading through the Word of God.  I have planned it every year since about 2000 but haven’t succeeded since 2002, when my daughter was born and although I could blame it on her but I take full responsibility for my lack of discipline myself.

Many of you have started this trek with me but let me offer some assistance I have found.

My Chronological schedule – Reading the Bible in Chronological order gives an entirely new view on many passages by putting them in their historical context.

PodCast – If you have a 15 minute commute you can read the bible in a year just by driving to work.

1. Go to the ESV Reading Plans page.

2. Right-click (Ctrl-click on a Mac) the “RSS” link of the feed you want.

3. Choose “Copy Link Location” or “Copy Shortcut.”

4. Start iTunes.

5. Choose Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast

6. Paste the URL from step three into the box.

7. Click OK.

This will download the passage every day and you can listen on your podcast.

By Email – If you are an email person you can have the passage of the day delivered to your email every day as well.

Really we take the Bible for granted, there are people who only have what they can remember because they are not allowed to read the Word of God.  And we sit with 5 Bibles on our shelves and ignore them.

However you do it, read God’s Word this year.

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