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A New Beginning.

This is the first of what will hopefully be 52 posts as I read through the Bible Chronologically.  I hope many of you are joining me.  If it looks like a lot of people want to participate then I will set up some sort of format for us all to be able to voice our thoughts.  For now please feel free to post comments below each post.

I began this year a little early in an attempt to get ahead of the game.  I know how hard it is to get things rolling when you attempt to read the Bible plus If I am going to blog through this I wanted to have a few posts written in advance so I don’t miss a deadline.

Of course chronologically just as always we start in Genesis, it is so easy to take these scriptures for granted after becoming so familiar with them, but we must resist this temptation.

I am reading this year with a specific a specific focus on the Redemptive historical model, which means Christ is the focus of all the scriptures as he points out himself in Luke 24:27.

I don’t want to read the stories and find a morality tale in each of them but to examine how God’s plan was working out from the beginning.

As you are reading these so familiar stories try to see the larger picture of what God is doing.

How have you done in reading the Bible in the past?  What struggles have you had?

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Now I’ve read the creation story for 25+ years. I’ve seen the cartoons. I attended a baptist, christian school. I attended bible college. I know almost by heart Genesis chapters 1 through 3. At least I thought I did. One of the problems I struggle with when reading scripture is fimiliarity. I’ve done the church thing for most of my life and I know a lot of scriptures that are considered essential (Gen. 1:1, John 3:16, Ps. 91, 1 Cor. 13, etc.). When I come to a passage that I’ve read a couple of hundred times, it’s easy to just glance over it. So when I started my reading in Genesis, I thought I could just pound out the first three chapters quickly enough and move on. Man, was I wrong.

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