What a stange encounter

Heather and I had a very strange encounter last weekend.  We had decided to get my free birth day burger at a local restaurant and after asking to be moved away from the door and the negative wind chill we sat with the girls quietly waiting for our food to arrive.  It took a little longer than we though but nothing really unusual happened.

When suddenly the couple in the booth behind me got up and the gentleman turned to our table and said “I just want to commend you both on being such excellent parents.”

I was shocked, and humbled all at the same time.  I quickly thought through all that I had done with Alora since we sat down but couldn’t think of anything remarkable that would entice this man to walk up to two perfect strangers and remark on their child rearing.

We expressed our gratitude and talked about the couples three grand children before saying our good byes.  Heather and I stared at each other almost with tears in our eyes.  We try to be very deliberate in how we raise our children but never think we are doing well enough because we see all of our flaws.  But it is wonderful to hear from someone else that you are doing a good job.


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