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Job, how do you read that?

Last week we started the book of Job, while there are parts I greatly enjoy I often wonder how you are supposed to read it.  There are four speakers through most of the story and all of them are capable of speaking untruths so can we take anything we say as the literal word of God?  Sure we know it was recorded accurately but how do we know it wasn’t accurately recording an untruth?

I always struggle a little with that.

And of course the opening chapters also bring up great questions about the problem with evil in the world.  Is God as the sovereign of the universe ultimately responsible for the evil that befalls Job, or was it, as some teach, a result of Job’s lack of faith in God?

I don’t have a lot of insight on this but I wanted to record my thoughts.

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I agree with you that this is a hard book to interpret. I have to remember that this all happens before God’s covenant with Noah or Abraham.

The big thing that I notice is even thinking the devil could be responsible.

I do think that he has an awesome fear of God.

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