Gettin the Job Done

Get it Job we finished Job this week?  OK I didn’t sleep much last night.

I still say I am not sure how to read Google.   I am trying to read the Bible this year with a Christ centric approach but I don’t see it in Job.  This is similar to the answers I was able to find.  But this particular site also says Noah was a type because he was the only just man in his world, which I don’t particularly believe is true:

Job, suffering the most profound grief of soul, seeing nothing but a miserable death before him and robbed of all human consolation, fell down on the ground, praying and humbly resigning himself to God’s will.  In this he is a type of our Lord in the Garden of Gethsemane –

I suppose we can look at Job this way but do we need all those chapters of people spouting off at each other back and forth?  I love the end when God shows up and I often hear His words when I begin to question God.

“Where were you when I hung the stars….”

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  1. I’ll be honest. I’m only on Chapter 17. I feel off the horse a little bit around the first of the year. I’ve made great strides though in the last few weeks. I’ve been reading about 6 to 8 chapters a day trying to catch up.

    Honestly, I don’t see God demonstrating Christ’s suffering through another. It does seem like a lot to ask from somebody to take their family and everything they have and then have their friends get “all churchy” on them.

    However, I was listening to a podcast from Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. and Willie George (aka Gospel Bill) taught about how God deals with us as individuals not as a group and I have to think that this was a pretty unique way to deal with Job.

    I’m with you when you said that you don’t see Christ in the story but I wasn’t around when God hung the stars in the heavens either. I guess I’m taking away from the Book of Job is that God is God and I should always respect that.

    I wonder if we are looking at this from the wrong perspective. What if we look at it from Job’s friends’ side of the story. “This guy loves God no matter what.” Just a thought.

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