Deut 11 – Insert Clever Title here

When I read these passages of scripture there is one thing I can’t help but bring up. I will only ask one question. Why is it that of all the tithe sermons and sermonettes I have heard in my ears in a health and wealth church, I never heard anyone mention Deut. 14? Where the Israelites are commanded to eat their tithe in the presence of the Lord?

I did love reading of the feasts of Israel and thinking of how Jesus was the fulfillment of them. I wish I still had the paper I had to write in college on that topic. It really gave great coherence to the Old Testament when I realized that Jesus had fulfilled all of those feasts.

Maybe someday I will restudy it out for my own benefit. I don’t even know if I remember how most of them fit together now, which is a shame.

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