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Random Thoughts

  • Why is it that all the people who do these concerts to save the planet take their private jets that burn more fuel in one hour than my car does all year?
  • I am a little ashamed that my neighbors have made more active moves to talk to me than I have to them when I pray to God to help me practice hospitality to my neighbors.
  • How can liberal like Al Gore be so sure humans are the cause of our global warming when Pluto, Mars, and Venus are also warming?
  • Would it be worth it to most people to take a huge pay cut and hence a lifestyle cut to not hate going to work every day?
  • I have heard that a torture method used in WWII was to make prisoners dig a ditch and fill it back up making the men feel useless. Every night we clean up after our daughter putting her toys away and every day she wrecks the place again.
  • Why is it that people consider smoking a cigar or having a glass of wine a sin but gorging yourself at a buffet and is fine?
  • Is the Bible the only book we feel justified simply by reading without making any attempt to understand or digest what is has to say? I mean outside of high school lit class.
  • Why do I continue to work when it seems that the politicians are so anxious to take everything I have. If all of us who work hard just stopped who would pay for everything? Maybe we need a new Tea Party where we just all don’t go to work.

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