Random Thoughts

  • I find it interesting that on “America’s got Talent” there are two Brits and one American determining if America’s got Talent.
  • The government as a whole refuses to allow people to suffer the ramifications of their bad decisions.  Stereotypically speaking the Republicans bail out ignorant businesses and the Democrats bail out ignorant individuals.  Why not allow people making bad decisions to serve as a lesson the rest of the country?
  • Why with such a promising future and all kinds of entertainment at his fingertips would Michael Vick be involved with dog fighting?
  • Researchers have discovered that a single grown moose can release as much methane as an 8077 mile car trip, will there be a call to eliminate moose for the sake of the environment?  Or will environmentalists have to admin that they just want to stifle humans.
  • Most people understand that a lot of money will buy you a better lawyer and hopefully less jail time.  But not it only appears that you have to be famous to have your time cut.  Nicole Ritchie only does 87 minutes of an already sad four day sentence?  It must be good to be part of that class of people, I wonder how long people will tolerate it.
  • I really wish Dr. No (Ron Paul) stood a chance at the Republican Presidential nomination.  He really supports what I stand for, but he won’t buy votes with taxpayer money so he probably doesn’t stand a chance.
  • I heard something today I had never heard before, music was pounding out of a car in the parking lot, not so rare you say?  It was Opera.
  • There are times when I just want to throw in the towel and move to a commune.  Really a farm where a group of people who are not a traditional family all live together produce what they need and just live a simple life.  What would that be like?
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