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Resolutions (Goals)

It is my plan to set some realistic goals for the new year and hopefully in a year I can look back at this post with pride and say, I accomplished those goals. I have done them using the SMART goal system.

  1. Reading the Bible — This is the one I have placed as a top priority as I believe it will help me in many areas of my life.
    1. Specific – I am going to read the English Standard Version in it’s entirety, and in Chronological order, see Bible Schedule above
    2. Measurable – If I am behind schedule I am behind
    3. Attainable – I know this is attainable as I have accomplished something very similar previously
    4. Realistic – I am willing to work toward this goal and sacrifice to accomplish it.
    5. Timely – This will be accomplished in one year.
  2. Reduce Debt — Although we don’t much in the ways of consumer debt we have some school loans and old business debt along with our mortgage.
    1. Specific – We will use extra monies to pay off existing debt and freeze our credit cards (Literally, we are putting them in a Ziploc bag, filling it with water, and freezing the card.) All Debt but mortgage will be paid off, and Second Mortgage will be reduced by half.
    2. Measurable – using quicken we will chart our progress. It will simply be a matter of reducing our debt amount
    3. Attainable – I have done the calculation and believe that this is attainable and something I am willing to work for.
    4. Realistic – Although it is a significant amount of money I believe we will be able to accomplish it with a little will power.
    5. Timely – This is also to be accomplished by the end of the year.
  3. Reducing wasted Time — This will be harder to objectify and perhaps harder to accomplish as my wife and I disagree on what is wasted time.
    1. Specific – I will spend no more than two hours combined on TV and PC games (games my wife and I play together do not count). This will not include time the TV is on as background noise while folding laundry or other tasks. This will include weekends!
    2. Measurable – I will track the amount of time I spend watching TV and compare to the goal.
    3. Attainable – I believe this to be attainable as I don’t spend much more than that watching TV now, although weekends may be tough. I also have goals that will keep me away from these time wasters.
    4. Realistic – I believe this to be realistic as I have other hobbies I enjoy that will enable me to avoid TV.
    5. Timely – This will be over the course of the next year.

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What!! cut down on gaming????

I know what you mean. In my attempt to run a youth department, be a good husband & father and finish my bachelor’s in Information Technology my World of Warcraft time has seriously suffereed for the cause.

Its tough to unplugg from the PC but I know you can do it.

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