Through the Bible: God’s Love

I am continuing my adventure through the Bible and I am at least in the current month, at least until tomorrow.

I had to do some chain referencing in this one and I probably wouldn’t have done it but reading chronologically has made want to look more into what is being said.

I ready Psalm 106 and as the psalmist was recounting the works of the LORD among his chosen people I came across something I didn’t recognize.

30 Then Phinehas stood up and intervened,
and the plague was stayed.
31And that was counted to him as righteousness
from generation to generation forever.

Who was Phinehas? I couldn’t remember so I checked my chain reference and found his story in Numbers 25. It is certainly a story they don’t tell in Sunday school. Phinehas speared a man and his woman, who were acting in defiance of God’s command. What kind of position do you think they were in that he could spear them both at once?

It is comforting to read this psalm the recounts all the times the people of God have gone astray and done stupid things. And although it is easy to look back on all the signs they ignored and criticize them as a rebellious people we are not much better. We can all look back and in our own life and see places where God was showing us his love and often we ignore it or almost worse yet, ignore it all together.

But the comfort comes from Ps 106:45 “For their sake he remembered his covenant,
and relented according to the abundance of his steadfast love.” It is a covenant cut between God and God that keeps us in his steadfast love and he will keep it.

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